Alliance 21 Group Appoints Lim Kok Quee as Chief Operating Officer.

04 January 2022 | 05:04 PM

With effect from 4 January 2022, the Alliance 21 Group has appointed Lim Kok Quee as its Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Kok Quee will drive strategic growth initiatives for the group, help achieve further operational efficiencies, and raise the profile of the various companies in the group in the regional and international arenas.  

Kok Quee is a builder who focuses on people and values in a business and an organisation. He is a strategic thinker, and provides day-to-day tactical directions to multi-disciplined and multi-functional teams, that are responsible for accomplishing ambitious goals and objectives in support of strategic business growth plans. He has a wealth of experience in sales and operations, both regionally and globally, and has spent more than 30 years of his career in multinational IT companies, and large local enterprises. 

His steady career progression reflects his strong business acumen, and his ability to deliver results in challenging environments. He has considerable knowledge and understanding of greenfield businesses for IT service-centric businesses, where he was instrumental in developing new IT services and solutions. He has also assisted companies in developing new business models, and strongly promoted digitisation throughout his career.

Kok Quee will be reaching out to all of you shortly, and we hope that you will join us in giving him a warm welcome to our industry, and providing your support to him in his new role with the Alliance 21 Group.


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