High Interactivity

Our platform fosters active engagement and collaboration, creating a vibrant community of traders.

Powerful Tools

Access cutting-edge tools for efficient and effective trading.

Shared Technology Benefits

Harness shared technology to reduce costs and enhance operations.

Global Outreach

Connect with an international community of partners, expanding your network and market reach.

Join us for a world of connections: Unite with global friends, unlock a one-stop, intuitive platform, and thrive with your personalized dashboard and user-friendly interface.

The alexFRIENDS platform is owned and managed by Alliance 21, as an integral part of the ALEX.world eco-system. ALEX.world represents Alliance 21’s digital transformation from a Singapore-based specialist logistics service provider to a market leader in logistics innovation, and combines end-to-end freight and fulfilment services, providing customers with a holistic online self-service total logistics experience. The platform focuses on the principle of simplifying Quote, Book, Track for consumers and partners, and inherits the capabilities and leverages the experience of the Alliance 21 team.