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Alliance 21 is a specialised logistics service provider, established in 2002. We are dedicated in freighting time-critical and project shipments for customers globally, such as aircraft parts, perishable goods, live animals, pharmaceuticals & healthcare products, high-tech electronics cargo and oil & gas equipment. Together with its sister company ALEX Fulfilment Services, the company provides a full suite of logistics services in air and multimodal freight, transportation and warehousing.

Our CEO's

Welcome to ALEX.world!

As a company, we have always specialised in niche segments of the industry, promoted a culture of constant innovation, and eschewed the value of thinking out of the box. The development of the internet and cloud computing has now presented us with new challenges, but also opened up a world of opportunities to harness technology as a driver of our growth.

Since 2015, digitalisation has transformed our operations and been a key enabler in our commercial growth. Our domain ALEX.world therefore represents a desire to be at the forefront of revolutionising the customer experience, for we would not be where we are without their valued support.

As we continue to grow and develop the capabilities of ALEX, each new day offers a chance for us to work closer together, and to pursue new and exciting opportunities.

We look forward to serving you to the best of our abilities.


ALEX stands for Alliance21 Exchange

ALEX.world is the web domain and the online expansion of Alliance 21. It is a digital freight and fulfilment platform built from the ground-up to give customers a convenient and reliable cloud-based solution to get shipment quotations, make bookings, and track their deliveries.

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