Our Core Purpose

We believe in making logistics simple & sustainable

Our Brand Promise

Delivering Trust. Fulfilling Lives.

Our Vision

We will be at the forefront of innovation in the logistics industry harnessing conventional and green technologies to elevate our customers experience, empower win-win partnerships, and serve the community as responsible global citizens.

Our Mission

Be the most forward looking 21st century global enterprise, enabling robust trade through the provision of first-class products and services.

Our Core Values

Serve with Humility

  1. We are always respectful, gracious and friendly whenever we meet somebody, whatever his or her position may be.
  2. We embrace diversity and inclusivity. Racism has no place in our culture.
  3. We can put a smile on other people’s faces through the service we provide.
  4. We are passionate about our job, and passionate about serving our customers.
  5. We attend to the requests and concerns of customers in a warm and attentive manner.
  6. We are ambassadors of our company, take pride in wearing our company uniform and must always act with courtesy, professionalism and decorum.

Pursuit of Excellence

  1. We deliver a high standard of quality in our work.
  2. We plan, prioritize and organize our work, in order to deliver our targets in a timely manner.
  3. We exercise sound judgement when making decisions, relying on facts and figures before recommending viable options or determining a course of action.
  4. We are open to switching job roles, taking on new or additional responsibilities for our personal development and the benefit of the group.
  5. We strive for a high level of proficiency in the areas of our responsibility, and in constantly upgrading our knowledge to better execute our job tasks.
  6. We demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness in our work and go the extra mile in our dealings with our customers.
  7. We take ownership and accountability of the Key Performances Indicators (KPIs) and Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) that are given to us.
  8. We capitalize on opportunities to generate revenue and ensure high standards of productivity and cost effectiveness.
  9. We promote a culture of waste reduction and the efficient use of supplies and resources.
  10. We harness new and available technologies to enable us to perform our jobs more efficiently and effectively.
  11. We embrace change in an ever-changing world and strive for continuous improvement in whatever we do.

Enthusiasm & Emotions

  1. We create strong bonds with our colleagues, working as a team and focusing on group goals.
  2. We adopt positive mindsets, leveraging on the relationships with the people around us to deliver optimum solutions for our customers.
  3. We keep our cool when resolving difficult or emotionally charged issues.
  4. We know when to persist and when to step back when dealing with tough situations.
  5. We are enthusiastic about bringing about positive changes within the company, and in our society.


  1. . We provide proactive feedback to our superiors on challenges we face and offer suggestions for improvement in the areas of our work.
  2. We respond timely and thoroughly to all parties we work with through all the various communication channels.
  3. We are responsible and accountable in our communication to customers, partners and to one other.
  4. We steer our communication to align to our customers’ interest and their desired outcomes.


  1. We listen intently to our customers as they are our inspiration of our innovation.
  2. We constantly work at maintaining what has made our company successful, create more value and staying ahead of the competition.
  3. We accept our competitors are here to stay. We are determined to keep building on our domain expertise to stay ahead, and we promote innovation, as well as continuous improvement, to differentiate us from them.
  4. We dream of big ideas to innovate and power our growth and encourage thinking that is out of the box.

Attitude towards Win-Win Relationships

  1. We treat our customers, partners and suppliers with the utmost respect to achieve win-win outcomes for all.
  2. We listen to our customers’ pain points and help them resolve through our logistics solutions; we will never forget they are the reason we exist.
  3. We must always focus on adding value for our customers and providing service that is of value.
  4. We will walk away from inconclusive deals as friends, not enemies.
  5. We shall never promise anything that we cannot deliver.
  6. We shall honor our commitments within the agreed scope of work and will work and will be happy to discuss and support any additional requirements that may help our customers.


  1. We are role model to our colleagues, and we exercise self-discipline and initiative.
  2. We always take responsibility for our actions and learns from our mistakes.
  3. We motivate, encourage, and inspire others to work more effectively.
  4. We demonstrate critical thinking, planning, and speaking at a strategic level.
  5. We empower the capable teams within the company to manage our current business, and our leaders to empower tomorrow’s growth.


  1. We carry out our business by staying true to our core purpose, vision, mission, SPECIALIST values, and brand promise.
  2. We behave honourably in all situations, and in accordance with high work ethical standards.
  3. We demonstrate reliability and dependability by being available for work assignments as scheduled and taking responsibility for the work completed.
  4. We have the courage to do what is right, to earn the trust of our colleagues, customers and partners.
  5. We value our trustworthy partners and minimize contact with parties and people that lack integrity.
  6. We believe in fostering loyalty within the organization through clear and transparent practices.
  7. Lack of integrity and lack of honesty has no place within our organization.

Security & Work Safety

  1. We maintain high housekeeping standards and safe work habits and encourage others to do so.
  2. We recognize conditions or situations that are potentially unsafe and ensuring that appropriate remedial action is taken immediately.
  3. We comply to security directives, follow business continuity measures and uphold confidentiality of classified or sensitive data within the organization and from our customers.
  4. We are acutely aware of the need to protect an individual’s personal data.
  5. We pay extra attention to information integrity, and the protection of intellectual property.
  6. We promote a safe work environment not only for our colleagues, but also our customers and partners.


  1. We show concern to our colleagues through words encouragement and acknowledge their values and contributions at work.
  2. We are grateful for the opportunities the company has given us to better the lives of our families.
  3. We support ACTS (an acronym for Alliance Calls To Serve) as the philanthropy arm of our organization, and we organize programmes to benefit the less fortunate, care for the environment and play our part as a civic member of our society.
  4. We give back to the community we serve in through the active participation of all ACTS’ projects and activities which align to the core purpose of the Alliance Group.