We offer supply chain solutions and logistics services dedicated to the aerospace industry, ensuring quality and comprehensive service from the time the cargo is picked up all the way to the final destination. Our services include expedited ground delivery, air ride transportation, specialised packing and crating, as well as hazardous goods movement.

We extend our dedicated service by engaging trained international couriers that cover the globe, in full compliance with Customs and Immigration, to handle pick-up and delivery of our customers’ cargo personally. This ensures the highest priority and attention given from the origin to the destination station, and provides peace of mind for our customers.

Due to the time-critical importance of freight for emergency situations that commonly arise in the aerospace industry, we understand the importance of having a highly responsive point-of-contact, with the ability to make bookings round-the-clock, and with utmost speed.

Our control tower in Singapore operates 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year, to provide responsive and flexible service for our customers.

To ensure high speed and accuracy, the cargo is shipped on the Next Flight Out from the origin country, or by Express Priority for the earliest arrival flight at the destination in the case of an AOG situation.

Singapore Changi International Airport is one of the world’s busiest airport for international air cargo. The global connectivity and wide network, especially in Asia, is of key importance to our aerospace customers;

  • 25 cargo airlines operating over 310 weekly flights
  • 49 freighter city links
  • Regional freighters offering coverage and interline opportunities to Merging Southeast Asian Markets
  • With more thank 7500 weekly scheduled flights, an aircraft takes off or lands at Changi once every 80 seconds
  • Key markets in Asia Pacific with 7-hours flight time

Our Aircraft Parts Bank is strategically located in the Free Trade Zone at the Changi Airfreight Centre. Our main focus is to provide excellent customer satisfaction, reliable and cost-effective solutions to aircraft parts suppliers globally. We have a Consignment Inventory Program, available 365 days a year, and we provide an AOG service 24 hours a day with the capability to freight and deliver to anywhere in the world. Our professional staff at APB has what it takes to enable components and parts to be readily available for customers speedily, and with quality assurance.