Working together with our partner EVCo (trading brand name of Strides DST Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of SMRT Corporation), we have started providing logistical support for the national transition towards the use of electric vehicles (EVs). By helping to ship EVs around the world, we are taking an exciting step forward to a more sustainable future.

Besides deploying the use of EVs in our own deliveries in Singapore, we have aspirations to be an ambassador for sustainability, by supporting other companies on their journey towards a sustainable logistics ecosystem. With our specialisation and certification in the handling of dangerous goods, companies can trust and rely on us to safely handle the movement of electric vehicles and the batteries they run on.

The batteries and other electrical components in EVs are considered dangerous goods and have strict regulations regarding the transportation and storage of these goods. The transportation of batteries through air and sea is known to be subjected to high safety standards because of its hazardous nature. With our trained professionals who are experts in handling dangerous goods, we are able to provide you with the logistical solutions to your e-mobility supply chain needs.