We do the heavy lifting for you, as our team is professionally trained to handle and arrange for the transportation of various types of industrial, energy and out-of-gauge cargo. The handling of these cargoes frequently involves detailed planning and special arrangements for certain types of lifting and storage equipment, and we have extensive experience and knowledge to manage these shipments.

Detailed planning for project cargo logistics is crucial as transporting oversized cargo on public roads may affect other road users. Our dedicated project management team provides complete and cost-efficient solutions encompassing route surveys and planning, site surveys and supervision and project-support which are vital to customers whose requirements focuses on careful staging, sequencing and coordination.

We prioritise cost and time-efficiency for our customers with cargo consolidation from various origins for onward forwarding within the Free Trade Zone (FTZ). Cargo reworking and staging are also executed in the FTZ which reduces double-handling.

Project logistics often have complex requirements with the movement of oversized cargo on tight schedules to sometimes difficult locations. We offer a variety of services to accommodate that, such as the arrangement of special equipment needed, permits, and even chartering an aircraft to move the shipment if necessary. Our project management skills and expertise in logistics ensure the safe and timely transport of your shipments.