We provide support for global supply chains for businesses worldwide. In close cooperation with our customers, we have developed the critical skills to handle sensitive products for agriculture & aquaculture, exotic zoo animals & pets’ relocation, and valuables & vulnerable shipments. Transporting goods of such delicate nature requires the highest level of accuracy; our specialist team at A21 offers exactly just that. Throughout our global network we focus on efficiency, reliability and quality standard to serve.

The most crucial factor in keeping farm fresh produce in its prime condition is the environmental condition. We ensure that the cold chain is maintained throughout the transportation process, keeping food fresh from source to destination. By preserving the quality and freshness of farm fresh cargo, we prioritise speed and follow a strict set of standard operating procedures to ensure the freshness is not compromised. Adhering to these standards of practice, our Critical Freight team prevents the loss of nutritional value and shelf-life that are easily impacted by external factors such as high-temperatures and rough handling.

Our Pet-On-Air (POA) programme allows you to take your beloved friend wherever life takes you. Our services include consultation, pick-up and delivery, quarantine arrangements, ensuring that vaccinations are up-to-date, and complete travel arrangements on the most direct flight service. We also handle domestic and international documentation and endorsement, thus ensuring that your pet arrives safely.

Transporting of animals involves a series of regulated processes, requiring the application of relevant and mandatory permits from government agencies all over the world such as CITES that is required for transportation of animals, and abiding to proper confining dimensions and conditions suitable for animals including custom-built enclosures.

Our calling in POA is to assist our customers in ensuring that all necessary procedures are administered duly in full compliance with IATA regulations. We also assign customers with a single-point-of-contact that guides the customer through the processes, and provides documentation and logistical support which records and stores accurate and detailed updates at every stage of the shipping process.