Singapore, being an urbanised and fast-paced city, has demand for efficient last-mile deliveries. We offer strategic logistics solutions that are tailored to meet our customers’ unique and urgent requirements. Our facilities and services are also engineered to comply with the requirements of quality standards and regulations. With our professional and efficient team of drivers and acclimated warehouse, we ensure the right solution for you and that your shipment arrives at its destination at the right time in its optimal in a cost-efficient way.


Same Day Courier

For urgent assignments, we offer Same Day pickup and delivery service, not exceeding 12 hours from booking to being delivered without compromising on our quality of service. Due to its urgent requirement by customers, we place our Same Day Courier service as top priority and emphasize speed and satisfaction with our White Gloves Courier (WGC) which offers money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory delivery, with no question asked.

Next Day Courier

Striking a balance between efficiency and cost, we offer Next Day delivery with Hub and Spoke service by picking up from various collection points, consolidating at our warehouse before delivering the next day. To accommodate the essential cool and dry storage requirement of most healthcare products, we acclimate our warehouse to controlled cool room temperature of +15 to +25 degree Celsius. We also cater special storage area in our warehouse with controlled cool temperature of +2 to +8 degree Celsius for healthcare products that require special storage instruction to ensure that these products are stored at optimal condition before they reach customers. To ensure that cargo are secured en route to destination, we use secured ALEX Transport Management System with real-time location tracking in our fleets of vehicles. With advanced planning and our comprehensive facilities, customers can be assured of accurate and secured courier service in the most efficient time and prime condition.

D+2 Courier

A standard D+2 delivery is the most economical mode of courier service provided by us. With our systematic Hub and Spoke service in the warehouse and adequate planning ahead of time, we are able to develop an efficient and cost-effective system of providing transportation and supply chain solutions to our customers at the most competitive rates. With ample time for our planning, this mode of courier service is also suitable for customers with high volume of articles.

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